Thanksgiving: to Cook or NOT to Cook?


A time for gratitude, a time for being with family and friends – and a time to cook a gigantic meal – a meal that requires a lot of money and attention – and you have not cooked for more than 3 minutes in the microwave in months! What to do? Start practicing now or…

Get your T-day meal on the outside!

That’s right, I said it – why cook?

Now, please understand, I love to cook. But cooking well for a large group can be taxing! It’s not something we do every day. The food prep, the recipes, what to make when? Is the Turkey done? Where am I going to store all this food as I prepare it? Let’s be honest, it’s kind of crazy.

So I propose this! Order in! (or go out to eat –

There are now so many options for ordering in, its borderline obscene. Our family used to get a lot of food from a now defunct restaurant called eatZi’s Market and Bakery. Anybody remember it? Here’s the link to the remaining stores in and around Dallas, Tx.

We used to be able to get it all at eatZi’s – cranberry glazed turkey, cornbread stuffing, mac and cheese, green bean casserole – it was awesome. We were sad when it closed – but the great thing is the trend caught on! There are so many wonderful places to choose to pick up the perfect meal these days – you can even mix and match where you get your Thanksgiving dinner from and create your own eclectic mix.

Here is a short list of links where to find some of your favorites for Thanksgiving, or even try something new:

I love some of restaurants that are careering to go items for Thanksgiving. From traditional to BBQ, there’s something for everybody.

As for our family, we’ll probably do a hybrid of what I have written about in this blog – cook some, order some.

And for all you hard core people out there that will do it all for thanksgiving, here’s an amazing list of what to prep when during the week, if you are making everything from scratch!


Happy Thanksgiving! Bawk Bawk!  =)

In gratitude – Bill Jamison

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