Jamison & Co Gratitude Week: Grateful by Choice

Prayers, grace, gratitude, chants, and affirmations.

We all do it. Close calls in life – dodging the proverbial bullet has many of us saying “oh lord, or please god, just help me get out of”…(name your situation).

The question is…who/what are you thanking in the good times? It may be a higher power, it may be yourself. The point is, though, to be grateful.

November tends to be a month when a lot of us are swayed to be grateful. It’s more present as we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season. We see more gratitude on Facebook as many count the days down to turkey day with the gift of gratitude exclaimed daily. Some keep gratitude journals.

Ideally, a powerful choice would be to be in a space of gratitude all year long. There is magic in our daily lives that deserves recognition! Your influence over yourself, other, and life happens in every moment of everyday! The challenge is to recognize it though. Life moves fast, which means that it can be difficult to see the magic that happens in everyday life, let alone slow down enough to give it (and yourself) the recognition it deserves.

Making it a practice to count your blessing once a week is an amazing way to create more magic in your life. It’s a habit, like anything else you do…brushing your teeth, making your bed, getting your clothes in order for the week. Pick a time that you have some time to yourself – like brushing your teeth, to reflect on your day to come and the magic that you will create simply by giving it the power of thought. Think of a few things that happened the day before as you influenced yourself, others or life to create something previously thought unattainable.

As you practice, you will recognize how much magic you actually have created. As you practice, you will recognize how easy it is to create magic in your day to come. And with all of it, comes gratitude, for all there was, is and will be.

In gratitude, Bill Jamison.

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